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A special Day out

We can offer our patients a special day out whether it is a trip to the movies, a restaurant with their family, or a specific place they have always wanted to go. Bucket List Blessings is there to make it all happen at no cost to our patient.

Patients who qualify for Bucket List Blessings will be able to give us a list of three wishes where or what they would want to do.  One of the wishes or possibly all three can be granted at no cost to our patient or their families.  Bucket List Blessings will ensure an amazing day that you will be able to share with your loved ones.

Bucket List Blessings strives to offer our hospice patients a wonderfu​l and loving experience that they can cherish with their families in their final stages in life. 

Bucket List Blessings

Qualified patients/clients

picking A BLESSING

All patients interested in Bucket List Blessings will receive an evaluation to determine eligibility.  During this short evaluation done by Hill Cross Hospice staff, it will be determined if the patient can endure or comprehend the experience.  If the patient does meet qualifications they will be given a list to fill out and return to a Hill Cross staff member.  After this list is received the process will begin to start their Bucket List Blessing!


Because we want to make this the best experience for all of our patients there may be a long
process time.  The patient and or family
will be given a 72 hour notice when their Bucket List Blessing will take place and everything that will be needed or wanted. If anything will need to be changed or canceled within that 72 hour
period no problem!  We can always reschedule.  Do not be afraid to call us and tell us our patient does not feel up to it.  Remember, this is ALL ABOUT THEM!  


Patients that need assisted devices need not worry.  We can have those available and ready even if the patient has no immediate family to


For example:  Oxygen tanks, wheelchair, and a care attendant.                                                     


Please do not request
the following services as Bucket List Blessings will not provide.  Examples are: 
         - Property/Real Estate/Improvements    
         - Automobile/Repairs/Boats/ATV's        
         - Cash       
         - Reimbursements

         - Anything that could cause harm to the                    patient

Bucket List Blessings., reserves the right to deny or cancel all actions and events at any given time.  All experiences, activities, and items given to the client/patient will not be returnable.  It is under the discretion of Hill Cross Hospice and any partner doing business with them to determine if the activities and items are rendered appropriate and safe for all those participating.   All patients or patient’s Power of Attorney will need to sign a waiver of liability before their special day out releasing Hill Cross Hospice from all liability.  All patients must be a client/patient of Hill Cross Hospice.