Our very first  blessing was a very special day for a very special patient and her family.  

      Our patient had requested to go to a local casino and gamble.  With the help of the wonderful Horseshoe Casino and Hotel Bossier City, we were able to give her a day that her and her family had never experienced.  From the first moment she entered the doors, the staff of Bucket List Blessings and Horseshoe Casino treated her like the queen she was. She received roses and a bag full of goodies.  Upon arrival she was surprised with the news that herself and her family were going to be able to eat an amazing lunch in the most prestigious suite Horseshoe offers.  This suite is located on the 26th floor and is only open for the "high rollers"  that visit the casino.  This room has never been rented out except for two times. Once to Bruce Willis, and the other to Kid Rock.  

       She spent the morning playing her favorite table games and slot machines.  After winning $300 she was told her suite was ready for lunch.  She and her family were escorted from the casino to the hotel to the lobby where they were greeted by their very own butler!  Their butler then took them to their suite.  With more than 1,200 square feet of the most lavish amenities the family was in awe. The far wall of the suite is floor to ceiling windows overlooking all of Shreveport, Louisiana.  It is said to be one of the most amazing views in the city.  Our patient and her family were in heaven.  As they looked out the window at the views the daughter explained this was a first for her mother (our patient).  She had never been up that high in her life and had never seen anything like it.  They were able to spend as much time as they wanted enjoying the beautiful room.  

       When lunch was served they were surprised with two amazing cakes prepared special for them along with a three course lunch.    There was also a special visit from one of the Horseshoe's Executive team.  The Director of Hotel and Operations.  He welcomed them and thanked them for coming and also gave them some Horseshoe trivia.  Very interesting!

It was a wonderful, memorable, loving day for everyone!

We would like to thank the amazing Horseshoe Casino and Hotel for being so gracious and amazing!

The Blessings we have made possible

Bucket List Blessings

       Our most recent Blessing was very special and we are very excited to share it. 

      Our youngest patient who is 24 years old wanted to meet his favorite rap artist.  The rapper's name is Boosie.  We were able to make contact with the record label and also other fellow rappers of Boosie to find his manager.  On April 27th, there was a special concert in our area and we were allowed to be backstage for the entire concert and also our patient was able to watch from the stands in a special area.  

      With the help of many people we were able to get Boosie to come meet our patient before he went onstage.  Boosie and his entourage was more than happy to meet our patient and everyone treated us like royalty.  It was a very special night for our patient as well as his family.  They were so happy and excited all night long.  

April 27th, 2014

Meet favorite rapper:  Boosie

February 20, 2014

A special day at a casino

       One of our patients after spending her life in the Baptist Church decided she wanted to be a Catholic.  This was a big decision after attending many masses at St. John's Cathedral in Shreveport.  It was arranged with the church that she would be confirmed in the Catholic Church on April 7th.  With her nurse by her side as well as two of her very good friends she was confirmed during mass.  To go through confirmation in the Catholic Church is an honor and is something everyone in the Catholic Church must do.

       Afterwards she was able to go to lunch with her close friends and her nurse at the very nice Chianti restaurant.  This was a very special day for her as well for everyone involved.  

April 7th, 2014

Confirmation in the Catholic Church